The Center

The Conservation Law Center is a non-for-profit organization that focuses on regulatory support, legal research and general legal counseling in the biodiversity conservation field both in Chile and in other South American Countries.

The Conservation Law Center brings together the first academic researchers involved -since 1994- in private biodiversity conservation in Chile.

The main field of work of the Center has been the study of alternative regulatory and private law mechanisms to promote private conservation as well as to promote private-public cooperation towards the development of new conservation practices.

In this context, in 2003, researchers of the Center proposed a new institution of continental private law, which was denominated the ´conservation property right´ or ´derecho real de conservación´.

This new institution was conceived and developed on the basis of socio-legal studies, legal theory, economic analysis of property rights and comparative law, among other fields of research.

This new property right finally became law in 2016, through the enactment of Law No20.930.

One of the current objectives of our Center is to promote the correct understanding of this new institution making sure that it is properly implemented, as well as making sure that its full potential can unfold. In our view, this can only take place if the proper institutional practices and standards are developed.

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The Center has been founded on the belief that the correct design, understanding and implementation of legal institutions can make a difference in the way that long-term social –and conservation- practices unfold.