PhD, University of Edinburgh, School of Law

M.A. in Law, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan, 1994-1997

J.D., University of Chile, 1991.

Languages spoken
English, Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin

Jaime Ubilla Fuenzalida

PhD in Law, University of Edinburgh
M.A. in Law, Waseda University, Japan
J.D., Universidad de Chile


Dr. Jaime Ubilla, is a lawyer, legislative advisor and professor of law, focused on legal sociology, property rights and new post-modern strategies for regulatory change -with special emphasis on biodiversity law-.

Dr. Jaime Ubilla has worked for 20 years in the development of a new reflexive and inclusive paradigm of conservation and management of natural capital (Ubilla, 2003). This new model was finally expressed in the design and drafting of the main provisions of Law 20,930 that established this new property right in Chile (Ubilla, 2015). This is a new type of property right – affirmative and reflexive – that makes possible the holding of title over environmental intangibles – attributes and functions of the environmental heritage of a given real estate-. This new model of property right -which breaks with 2,500 of legal history- is leaving behind the traditional model of static conservation based on restrictions and on purely philanthropic models and tax benefit.

He is also the founder and director of the Conservation Law Center of Chile and of the Natural Capital Coalition of Chile.

Finally, he is also the founder of the Conservation Right Foundation, that promotes the international adoption of the ‘conservation right’.

Dr. Jaime Ubilla is a partner at Ubilla & Co and director of Natural Capital DMB and B-Live in Nature, Chile. He is currently adjunct professor at Universidad Católica del Norte, Chile.